6 Advanced Techniques for Scaling Facebook Ads

May 10, 2020

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6 advanced techniques for scaling facebook ads

A/B test copy. A/B test landing page. A/B test creative. A/B test your campaigns. A/B test. A/B test. 

Aren’t you tired of listening to it?

Yes, A/B test has its place in Facebook advertising but it is not the answer for human existence!

Here are six powerful techniques to help you in scaling your Facebook ads profits.

1. Managing Your Daily Budgets

This is something a lot of Facebook Advertisers struggle with, how do you decide daily budgets?

There’s no doubt Facebook provides high-quality traffic to campaigns with higher daily spends. But if you haven’t tested your audience, creative and copy – the better option is to always start with something like $20 per day. 

Once you have done tests and seen results, you can start scaling your campaigns by setting up higher daily budgets like $100 or $200 per day.

It’s all about providing Facebook with more data, if you can spend more, that does not necessarily mean your ads will start performing better.

Optimize first, then scale.

2. Continuously Fed Lookalike Audience

To scale your campaigns and boost sales, it’s really important to keep your Audiences fresh.

One way to achieve that is by following a strategy we call ‘Continuously Fed Lookalike Audiences’.

Can you imagine the return on your Ad spend if you could only target people who are more likely to convert?

Assuming you’ve already implemented Facebook Pixel on your Landing Page or Website, you can create custom conversions and track everyone who is converting from your ads. You can then create a Lookalike audience of people who are converting and create new Ads from it.

The data will keep getting stronger, as your custom conversions feed your lookalike. This technique is guaranteed to scale your conversions and amplify your ROI.

3. Facebook Automated Rules

Facebook has an automation feature in Ads Manager called ‘Rules‘. Which has different parameters for automating actions like ‘turning on’ or ‘turning off’ a Campaign, an Ad Set or an individual Ad. 

For example, if Cost per Result goes above an amount which is not profitable for your business, Facebook will automatically shut off your ads. 

Automation rules help in minimizing the risks like over-spending on Ads that don’t deliver results without having to monitor your ads all day long. 

You can also set an automation rule to increase your campaign budget and scale if your ads are profitable.

4. Lookalike Audience from Video Engagement

It is a powerful technique where you can really leverage your video marketing.

Facebook allows you to create a custom audience based on video views. For example, people who watched more than 50% of your video.

If people watch your video (or at least 50% of it), there’s a decent chance that they are interested in your offer, or at the very least motivated by your marketing. 

When you build your campaigns based on lookalikes of an already engaged audience, it will have a higher probability of targeting more individuals who are interested in your offerings.

5. Avoid Audience Overlap Between Your Ad Sets

Audiences you create on Facebook can be checked for overlap.

The ‘Audience Overlap’ tool will show what percentage of people are common among the different audiences you have created. If you are not keeping this factor in check, you can count on Facebook doing it for you, as it’s a part of their algorithm. 

Ad Sets with more than 25% of Audience Overlap will have delivery issues. Ads can simply stop showing, or worse, they will end up competing against each other in Facebook auction. 

As if you don’t have enough competition already.

6. LTV (Lifetime Value) Lookalike Audience

Over the years Facebook has been gathering information from their pixels all across the web.

Pixels have gathered up the data for conversion values and revenue tracking for whoever has been using them. 

Facebook can tell how much an individual spends over their ‘lifetime’ with businesses, those who spend more are segmented as ‘high quality’ traffic.

When creating a custom audience from an email list, Facebook also provides an option to add value to each individual, how much they have profited your business. 

That’s why this technique of creating ‘LTV Lookalikes’ is really great for businesses who have a well segmented CRM database. 

By following this technique you will be able to closely align your Lookalike audiences with high value individuals across Facebook.

Wrap Up

These are some of the most powerful techniques that we use in our Facebook advertising. When you start layering these techniques in your campaigns, you will be able to tackle scaling and profitability issues with ease.


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