Red Bull: The Poster Child of Content Marketing

80 mg of caffeine, 100 mg of taurine, 600 mg of glucuronolactone – ah well that’s the content in a Red Bull drink.

First drink was sold in 1987 Austria. After 30 years, 169 countries and more than 60 billion cans, the company is world’s most recognisable and profitable energy drink – with a premium price tag and a not-so-good taste.

Recently every marketing blog and conference seems to mention Red Bull as an example of brilliant marketing strategy – encouraging clients to follow in their footsteps.

Wondering why? Because Red Bull Gives You Wings.

But It’s not in the content of their drink. It’s all about their Content Marketing.

Red Bull sends a 40-year-old male in stratosphere – tells him to jump out of a helium balloon from a height of 120,000 ft – free falling at the speed of sound.

As you probably know what they say about going that extra mile. Well Red Bull went 23 extra miles in the vertical direction all for the sake of creating content!

Content provided by Red Bull is thrilling, engaging – tells an incredible story and leaves you wanting for more.

They’re a storytelling brand and own the realm of passion.

Whether it’s about music, gaming or action sports – these areas have cultures, stories and stars. Red Bull is paying a huge amount of respect to these audiences.

The brand is not treating customers like demographics but like the passionate people they are.

Mainstream media wasn’t good enough for filming and photographing these areas, so they took the ownership of it. With Red Bull Media House and Red Bulletin magazine they professionalize in their media operations.

If you consider the origin of Red Bulletin, the uncompromising effort of Red Bull in generating quality content is evident.

The brand was sponsoring Formula One racing back in year 2005. They wanted to deliver the results of the event immediately after the race through their printed guides.

They curated information about the drivers and facts about the races, then pre-printed the magazine in bulk ahead of time. They also brought a printing press to the track and as soon as the race was over, they quickly printed the result and distributed it along with the magazines as the attendees were leaving the race.

Red Bull is a publishing empire now which also happens to sell energy drink.

If we can learn something from them – the only way to do content marketing is to be a story.

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